Labyrinths and Spirals

I am constantly exploring different ways of working with Labyrinths and Spirals, Land Energies and the Elements to promote curiosity, peace and personal transformation.


I also offer a bespoke service making handpainted canvas labyrinths suitable for all types of community and faith groups as well as small scale permanent labyrinths for your own garden and contemplative space.

Labyrinths and Land Art offer great opportunities for working with all kinds of groups and individuals.

Over the years I have worked in

many settings including retreat centres, cathedrals and churches, community centres, hospices,

shopping centres and schools.

And with many groups including inter faith groups, women’s groups, physically abled and disabled people, as part of seasonal celebrations and all types of gatherings and festivals.

Using natural materials to create simple non-permanent Land Art is a beautiful and engaging way of connecting with nature and our innate creativity.

We have made labyrinths on beaches, with big people and little people, in my back garden, on my hand, out of stones, cones, cords, threads, flowers and ashes.