Hellebores Essence

  1. Key Qualities - Calm, stillness, centering , focus, and longevity.

Created Thursday 9/10th March 2020, Wold Close, South Cave, UK

The Hellebores in my garden had been calling since their midwinter flowering. Early March I finally made my first Vibrational Essence of the decade from them bang over the full on Full Moon in Pisces, amidst all the collective, global and personal challenges, sorrows, shifts and changes surfacing just before we went into full lock down this exquisite flower required me to catch some early morning sunshine and then asked to be left undisturbed overnight indoors as the Moon passed through its zenith.

Essence qualities are very much reflected in its form. The Hellebore's great beauty is not openly displayed as the flowers are downward facing showing their full beauty to the Mother Earth not us. It has an extended flowering life, the flowers initially appearing out of nowhere, so much so that each year I think they are not going to flower. The flowers open when we are still in deep Winter, before even the snowdrops and continue right into Spring with their fullness of blooming just before the daffodils.

Surrounding Collective influences in the build up to the Covid 19 lock down included; rising fears and paranoia on a global scale focusing around human contact resulting in recommendations for no physical contact except within households, self isolation and quarantining for many more vulnerable or elderly as extreme measures of disease control. All this was feeling both draconian and very strange our increasingly apparent IT dependent world.

The pandemic followed recurrent storms, floods and massive wild fires all increasing signs of Climate Change and emergency and our apparent totally destructive impact on the planet and Creation. Alongside this ongoing massive movements of people forced into leaving their homeland for survival with resulting ever-increasing numbers of homeless and disenfranchised people and all the surrounding suffering and humanitarian issues that involves.

On a personal level ; I had reached a real and uncomfortable recognition of the need to live my life differently if I am to thrive, be effective, and useful in this next phase. I was asking myself the following questions;

How to embrace the unknown future, How not to fall into old and self destructive ways of being, how to clearly begin to get a complete overview of myself, take charge and responsibility in a kind, compassionate way that enables me to function well. Plus I was feeling knocked about by current events and all the fears and uncertainties it was bringing with it I needed to refind my own stillness, calm and centre even when confusion, distraction and fear are all around, it seemed to me that the Hellebores showed me all this through their presence and beauty, and I am grateful to them for that.

The Hellebore came to help at exactly the right time and I am now using it for myself and my clients when this gentle feminine quality of stillness id required