Intuitive Massage

For Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Well being

Our hands are designed to touch, hold and reach out to others.

To receive a massage is one of the most nourishing things we can do for ourselves – sometimes we experience areas of tension and stress held in the body, intuitive massage can unblock these areas allowing relaxation and flow to return. With my background in deep tissue bodywork and subtle energy work I trust my hands to know where to go always with the intention of balance and healing. Clients usually leave experiencing a deep sense of relaxation, feeling more at ease with themselves and their bodies. Recommended as a great way to look after yourself, maintain wellbeing or to realign when you feel slightly off centre.

What a massage session involves.

We start with a short verbal consultation before I ask you to undress to your under wear and get comfortably established on the massage couch while I leave the room.

On returning we can proceed with the massage during which you are free to talk, have background music or enjoy the silence. At the end of the session I leave the room again for you to get dressed .On return I will check how you are feeling and we can share any relevant feedback.

I generally use Almond Oil enhanced with Essential oils and Vibrational Essences to help harmonize body, mind, soul and spirit. No two sessions are identical as I tune into your current ever-changing state.

Fees £55 for 1 hour £75 for 90mins