Flower and Vibrational Essences

Essences offer a pathway to long lasting change as well as day to day help to keep us emotionally balanced and centred. I use both the Bach Flower Essences for ongoing balancing and more recent ranges, including Crystal Herbs and Alaskan Essences alongside my own essences I have made myself over the past 15 years. These essences work on many different energetic levels and helping us move into a more easeful and effective way of being, letting go of out dated, unhelpful deep rooted belief systems, generational patterning, wounding and ways of being.

They are powerful but gentle healers and when we begin using them we can expect subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes to start occurring in our lives. As we become more conscious, able to be authentic, actualize our potential and be aligned with our unique soul calling, we can also begin to find peace and acceptance and the blessings of our past connecting with our own unique inner strength and knowing.

How they work

Vibrational Essences work by capturing the healing potential held energetically within all aspects of creation - flowers, crystals, animals, colours ,sacred sites , particular times of the yearly and planetary cycles, through water's ability to hold memory and vibration. On some level we all recognise the inherent healing qualities of creation tapping into them in many ways, for example seeking the peace of Green spaces, taking flowers to ill folk, we feel more energised and at peace in some places whilst other places can make us feel uneasy or even ill; the same applies to colours , times of the year and so on.

Vibrational essences contain the energetic imprint or vibration of a flower, tree, crystal, place or planetary event which is captured in water which is then stabilised by the addition of a preservative ( usually alcohol) There is increasing scientific evidence now to support this which is something healers and shamans have been doing for thousands of years.

Check out Dr Masuru Omoto's work on 'The Secret Messages of Water' , if you want to understand this more fully which is at the heart of the essence making process

Dosage and uses

Essences are usually taken internally, they can also be used for animals, plants and on the land. A typical dosage would be to take four drops on your tongue twice daily from a 25ml dropper bottle of your personalised combination.

Essences can be used safely and effectively alongside conventional and other forms of complimentary medicine. Essences also work very well alongside other forms of complimentary medicine and in no way affect the efficacy of conventional medicine. In combination they can enhance the effectiveness of other treatments for example I add them into my massage oils and can be taken alongside psychotherapy, energy and bodywork, herbal medicine and homeopathy. As sprays they can also be used for clearing negative atmosphere, for protection and keeping our own energy field clear.

Consultations and services

If you are looking for deep change and transformation I recommend a full 60 minute consultation to begin building a picture and sense of you, what are the unhelpful patterns and beliefs that are still running, what are your blocks and current life challenges as well as your hopes, dreams and desires, from this information we will choose together your essence combination. This will be followed by a recommended minimum of two further consultations over a three to six month period.

I also offer mini bespoke retreats at my home which can be designed to fit your individual needs

If you feel drawn to working with me and this wonderful way of connecting with the healing potential please get in touch for an initial free telephone conversation.


£15 - 20ml Bottle of a Personalized combination at dosage dilution £15 plus p&p., including instructions for use and it's key healing qualities, selected by dowsing , birthdate and photo graph required.

£55 - 60 minute consultation, including your personalized Essence combination.

Bespoke Day's Retreats at Wold Closes. Take some time out to sink deep into yourself in the calm peaceful relaxed beauty of Wold Close. All Day retreats can be individually structured to accommodate your needs whether you come by yourself or with one or two other friends. We may go for a walk in the surrounding countryside as part of out time together alongside more conventional consultation time when we can look at current issues and lifelong patterns . You will leave with a personalised starter essence and follow up date which may be in person, by telephone or skype. or you Other options include having an Intuitive Massage Treatment, mini Creative Self Healing Workshop or time in Sacred Play. Get in touch to discuss.

£90 per day including an individual treatment - Arrive 10am depart 7pm. Refreshments, simple delicious vegetarian lunch and supper and full use of house and grounds included. Small groups up to four and couples also welcomed with discounted prices, get in touch.

Overnight Accommodation is available in the peaceful surroundings of my home 'Wold Close'. You will have spacious living accommodation , simple nourishing food time for yourself to rest and process in between an introductory and closing session with myself. Contact me to discuss further. See my Airbnb link https://airbnb.com/h/woldclosewelcomesyou

Where and how

I work from my home 'Wold Close' in South Cave,HU15 2BB, just off the A63 and within easy reach of West and South Yorkshire by car, 2 hours from London by rail from Brough mainline station which is under a 10 minute drive from Wold Close, I also work at the Ilkley Healing Centre and remotely via skype or telephone.


'Thank you for the latest of your essences . I am pleased to tell you they are having an amazing effect. I love that they were made by you at particular moments in time and space which appears to enhance their effect. They are aiding my ongoing process through old family issues which are rising in a gentle way. Thanks again.' Doreen, retired Manager.

I have had an essence consultation with Linda on a number of occasions. She spends time in understanding your current situation and is very perceptive in understanding the deeper underpinning processes. She is able to translate that through a very natural flow into a selection of essences that support. I found the use of the essences both gentle and insistent. During the course of using the essence I kept being reminded of what I needed to work on and felt a lot of support in doing that. I would really recommend Linda. Martin, Project Consultant.