I work with individuals, groups and communities and enjoy making things happen especially in collaboration with others.

My own creative process and healing journey always leads and informs the work I share and is therefore by its very nature constantly developing and changing.

My curiosity and longing for Life constantly motivates and inspires me to keep exploring and my deep love of Nature and Beauty has always been central to my practise as both artist and healer. I have always loved creating experiences and opportunities for people to learn more about themselves enabling greater freedom, enjoyment and richness in their lives. This in turn enables us to actualise our potential and become more skilled and effective in navigating through life's challenges.

I have facilitated countless groups and circles and co created many community events, workshops and exhibitions.

I work intuitively using an integrative, holistic approach drawing from a rich toolbox of skills which I have developed over 35 years of working in the Healing Arts field having trained in Flower and Vibrational Medicine, Humanistic psychology, Deep Tissue Bodywork , Counselling, Person centred Art Therapy and Labyrinth Facilitation alongside a life long interest in complimentary medicine and healthy living.

My spiritual life is central to me which I express in direct and straightforward ways in connection with myself, my body, the Land, seasons, cycles and rhythms of life .

Autumn into Winter Programme of Events and workshops at Wold Close.

Friday 24th September - Evening Meditation in the Tipi – ' White Hart Journeys' with Amanda Jarrold - The first of 3 evening meditations on the last Friday of the month, come for one or all. 7 – 9pm. £10 or £25 for 3.

A facilitated heart centred journey to support us to remember who we really are and embody our authentic selves using techniques from the Comprehensive Resource Model. CRM has roots in Shamanism, breathwork, attachment theory and EMDR. The sessions will comprise of breathwork 2 or 3 guided journeys with time for sharing and refreshments at the end. This is a therapeutic group, not group therapy.

Sunday 26th September– Nature Conversations with Jessica Crampin – How to be in communication with creation by enhancing our ability to find stillness and listen deeply. 10 -4 pm. £35.

Friday 1st October - Gong Bath with Tina Shiraz. Experience deep relaxation under the tones and soundscape of the Gong. 7.30 – 9pm. £15.

Saturday2nd and Sunday 3rd October. Michaelmas Creative Retreat Weekend .10 - 4pm. Michaelmas is also known as the Feast of Angels, over the weekend we will be harnessing our courage and strength for the oncoming darker months of the year. Sleepovers encouraged for a richer experience. £40 per day £75 for both, add £25 if you sleepover.

Saturday 9th October . The Gift of Presence with Ali Bullivent and Natacha Dauphin, A day of song, slowing down, being and healing. 10 – 5pm. £35/£45 for bookings contact natachadauphin@gmail.com

Friday 29th October - Evening Meditation in the Tipi – White Hart Journeys with Amanda Jarrold. The second of 3 evening meditations on the last Friday of the month 7 – 8.30pm. £10.

Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October - Samhain, Celtic New Year - a two day celebration including group creations, walks , fire, good food and company . Bring stories and poems to share. Saturday 11 – 7pm. £60 including fire and supper, Sunday 10 – 3pm £40 including lunch . £90 for both.

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th November. Creative Retreat Weekend. Deepening into the Darkness , exploring Active Imagination and Sacred Play as ways of entering and exploring the landscape of our soul and psyche. £40 per day £75 for both, plus £25 if you sleepover

Friday 26th November - Evening Meditation in the Tipi – White Hart Journeys with Amanda Jarrold. The last in this first series meditations.7 – 9 pm. £10.

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December . Advent Creative Retreat Weekend. 10 -4pm. Finding our Inner Light. £40 per day £75 for both, plus £25 if you sleepover

Saturday 18th December (TBC) – Nature Conversations with Jessica Crampin – details and date to be confirmed 10 -4 pm. £35.

White Hart Journeys

A facilitated heart centred journey to support us to remember who we really are and embody our authentic selves.

Experience meditative heart centred journeys using techniques from the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)ã. Identify and develop deeper relationships with parts of yourself, internal resources and felt sense. CRMã has roots in Shamanism, breathwork, attachment theory and EMDR.

When I trained in this therapeutic model my passion for sharing the healing was ignited. The White Hart is my primary power animal (internal resource figure) which guides me to a deeper knowing of myself, and my internal parts, strengthening internal connections to my inner wisdom and self-protection. I have been practicing holistic and talking therapies for 20+ years and trained in CRMã in early 2020. Using this therapy since then with myself and individuals, I now want to share the healing opportunities this model offers.

CRM resourcing offers a gateway to the unconscious, empowering us to discover and use our internal resources. It is an individual active process which requires an ability to sit with patience and curiosity. Previous experience of some kind of meditation/stillness practice is required.

The sessions will comprise of breathwork 2 or 3 guided journeys with time for sharing and refreshments at the end. This is a therapeutic group, not group therapy.

Dates: 24th September, 29th October & 26th November.

Time: 7-9pm

Location: South Cave-further details on booking

Cost: Sliding scale of £15-25 per session or book all 3 for £50.

Contact: Amanda Jarrold 07582 355015 Amanda7074@gmail.com for further details.

Places are limited so booking is essential.

Upcoming Events at Wold Close 2021

Monthly Creative Retreat Weekends with Linda.

First weekend of each month - October2/3rd,November6/7th, December4/5th

Time to dive deep into your creative flow. Working with individual and collective energy. Drawing, collage, Sacred play, free writing, walking, resting and shared silence.

£40 a day , £75 for both, £25 per night to sleepover, various accommodation styles on offer. Bring food to share.

Conversations with Nature - day workshops with Jessica Crampin scheduled around the yearly cycle of Solstices and Equinoxes

Sunday 26th September. 10am - 4pm . £35.

Come and share a day together in the peace and safety of Wold Close and the surrounding woodlands

Come and join us in nature as autumn arrives at Wold Close.

Let’s once again drop into stillness, breath deeply and ramp up our joy. We will connect with the nature around us, feeling into Wold Close as the season changes.

Deepening our experience of stillness and joy enables us to connect more fully trusting that nature will guide us and support us in the following:

How can we bring this connection into our daily life?

What are the barriers blocking us?

What can we release and what can we invite in to truly help and support our connection to nature.

Refreshments provided, bring food to share.

Jess Crampin. “My Journey incorporating biodynamic gardening and animal communication and forest bathing, has made me want to spread the word of the importance and joy of connection with nature”. www.jesscrampin.com

Jess and I met through biodynamic gardening, and her sensitivity and more recent work with animal communication has been a source of inspiration and has expanded my consciousness. I’m delighted to be working alongside her in our series of connecting with nature workshops.

The Gift of Presence - rescheduled for Saturday 9th October,

With Ali Bullivent, singer, songwriter, performer, community energiser and Natacha Dauphin,

voice coach, singing therapist, sound channel, soul whisperer, author.

A fun and empowering day of singing, sounding, moving, grounding, creating and connecting.

Give yourself this day to sink into your body, tap into your wholeness, sound your energy centres,

awaken and open your voice.

Learn original songs, chants composed by Ali based on the words from Natacha’s second book

You Are the Medicine.


£45 - £35 concession.

Bespoke Essence Combination for everyday support Send me a recent photograph plus your full name, birth date and outline major life events or issues you are currently working with. I'll tune in and select your unique essence combination by dowsing . The essence will arrive by 1st class post in a 25ml bottle with full instructions. Cost £15 plus p&p.

Essence Consultations for Personal Growth and Transformation. Consultations in person at Wold Close or online. £55 for 60mins. See Individual Consultations section for full details. Contact me for more information on messenger or email


"Every time we feed the soul we guarantee increase.' Clarissa Pinkola Estes.