I work with individuals, groups and communities and enjoy making things happen especially in collaboration with others.
I create labyrinths, make land art, run community arts events and facilitate creative self healing workshops                    
My own creative process and healing journey always leads and informs the work I share and is therefore by its very nature constantly developing and changing.

My website is in the process of being reformatted and updated so keep visiting  x

I work intuitively using an integrative, holistic approach drawing from a rich toolbox of skills which I have developed over 35 years of working and training within the Therapeutic and  Healing Arts field. 
I have trained in Flower and Vibrational Medicine, Humanistic psychology , Deep Tissue Bodywork , Counselling ,Person centred Art Therapy and Labyrinth Facilitation alongside a life long interest in complimentary medicine and healthy living. 

I work with my eyes, hands and heart.

As an intuitive creative my curiosity and longing for Life constantly motivates and inspires me to keep exploring. I am have always loved creating experiences and opportunities for people to learn more about themselves enabling greater freedom enjoyment and richness in their lives and also being able to navigate more effectively through life's challenges. I have facilitated countless groups and circle and co created may community events, workshops and exhibitions.

My deep love of Nature and Beauty has always been central to my practise as both artist and healer. 

My spiritual life is central to me which I express in direct and straightforward ways in connection with myself , my body , the land , seasons , cycles and rhythms of life .

"Every time we feed the soul we guarantee increase.' Clarissa Pinkola Estes.