I work with individuals, groups and communities and enjoy making things happen especially in collaboration with others.                    
My own creative process and healing journey always leads and informs the work I share and is therefore by its very nature constantly developing and changing.

My website is in the process of being reformatted and updated so keep visiting  x

Upcoming Events

Gong Bath with Sat Parvan Kaur.   Friday November 1st 7 – 9pm. £10/20

Gong sound is amazing!
Its powerful vibrations change the vibrational resonance of the whole body-mind system - physical & energetic blockages are released and brainwaves are brought into coherence, opening the way to deep delta repair, creative alpha problem-solving or expansive theta consciousness. Each gong bath is unique, and every person in the same gong bath will have a different experience.
Sat Parvan Kaur
has been playing the gong for three years. A musician and healer by trade, she was completely entranced by the experience of her first gong bath. Soon afterwards she bought her beautiful Maitreya Peace Gong, and underwent Gong master training with the grandfather of all Gongmasters, Don Conreaux. The gong is a natural extension of the skills Sat Parvan has practised over the past 40 years.

Please bring a comfy mat to lie on, pillows and warm covers - as though you were coming to a sleepover!

Saturday Nov 2nd 10am - Sunday 3rd 2pm.  Creative Self Healing Space.
Come for one or both days. £25 per day.

I will be running bi monthly Self Healing Retreats offering flexible time for you to touch into your own unique creative spirit, including individual creative time, drawing , collage , writing, walking , resting , sharing circles ,  silence and  food. Time and space to be in the beauty and calm of Wold Close.

Some materials provided

I work with Beauty, creation, creativity and the magic of synchronicity when two or more are gathered together in honest open-hearted communication. I work intuitively outside the box backed up by year's of experience having worked in the Healing Arts for over 30 years . I bring a light touch of facilitation within a safely held space that enables you to go with your own creative flow.

Contact me for more info. Plenty of space for overnighters.

Friday Nov 15th 7 – 10 pm. Tender Medicine with Helen Fleece and Linda. £10/20

Intuitively led and taught we will make a massage balm from home grown herbs and flowers followed by an Auyevedic belly or back massage.
Helen is a qualified Auyevedic practitioner and Medicine Woman visit www.northernapproach.co.uk to find out more.

Saturday Nov 16th 10am – 4pm. An Introduction to Iron as a forging metal - A hands on experience of Blacksmithing with Bob Wood. £30 ( includes evening talk)

We will try to create some forms and craft some small iron objects working with a charcoal forge.  Raw materials will be provided along with protective clothing but please wear old warm clothes and strong boots, this is a messy business but lots of fun .... Thank you!

Maximum 8 places so get in touch quick if you want to come - we'll be working in the garage!

Saturday 16th November 6 - 8pmish. The Cosmic aspects of Metals and their connection to the Planets,  a short talk by Bob leading to a time for discussion. £5 to cover costs and refreshments

Engineer and Blacksmith, traveled the world, Master Carpenter, Physics and Chemistry Teacher in Sweden and UK, worked with Special Needs students until officially retired 5 years ago. Belongs to an International Science Group, attends conferences and seminars on a regular basis and studies the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Bob brings a lifetime's grounded knowledge, sensibility and humour to his work and continues to have an enthusiasm and an unstoppable compulsion to share with the world.

Friday December 6th 7pm – 10pm Singing the Spiral with Ali Bullivent. £10 including seasonal snacks and drinks

An advent soirée. Time to gather round the hearth with good company as we wait together for the light to return. Ali will perform beautiful winter songs inviting us all to join in with the musical merry making. I will create an indoor spiral to walk symbolising finding the light within at this the darkest time of the year .

Ali is a professional performer and teacher.  She has a strong interest in the healing power of the voice and enabling others to explore and develop healthy voice technique.

From Saturday Dec 14th at 5:00 pm to Sunday Dec 15th at 6:00 pm Recharge Women’s weekend at the Rising Dawn Sanctuary with Anna Semlyn and myself.

Clothes swap, sharing, Yoga, art, conscious dance, womens circles, fire try out, open mic, sleepover more details
£20 -£90.

Anna is a professional yoga and circus skills teacher she has performed and organised the European Juggling Convention fire show amongst many other things. wwwyogainyork.co.uk

About Me

I work with my eyes, hands and heart.

My curiosity and longing for Life constantly motivates and inspires me to keep exploring and my deep love of Nature and Beauty has always been central to my practise as both artist and healer.  I have always loved creating experiences and opportunities for people to learn more about themselves enabling greater freedom, enjoyment and richness in their lives. This in turn enables us to actualize our potential and become more skilled and effective in navigating through life's challenges. 

I have facilitated countless groups and circles and co created may community events, workshops and exhibitions.

I work intuitively using an integrative, holistic approach drawing from a rich toolbox of skills which I have developed over 35 years of working in the Healing Arts field having trained in Flower and Vibrational Medicine, Humanistic psychology, Deep Tissue Bodywork , Counselling, Person centred Art Therapy and Labyrinth Facilitation alongside a life long interest in complimentary medicine and healthy living.

My spiritual life is central to me which I express in direct and straightforward ways in connection with myself, my body, the land, seasons, cycles and rhythms of life .

"Every time we feed the soul we guarantee increase.' Clarissa Pinkola Estes.