I work with individuals, groups and communities and enjoy making things happen especially in collaboration with others.
I create labyrinths, make land art, run community arts events and facilitate creative self healing workshops                    
My own creative process and healing journey always leads and informs the work I share and is therefore by its very nature constantly developing and changing.

Upcoming events

Ayurveda Northern Approach

Start Date: 2019-3-15
End Date: 2019-3-17
Time: 19:00 - 15:00


Weaving Magic -A creative healing weekend retreat to develop the art of magical living. This event will be held and facilitated by Linda King and Helen Leece. Helen and Linda met at Flower Essence training and they have been weaving magic together ever since, this fun loving duo are inspiring and creative with a deep passion for nature, this grounding yet magical retreat will inspire, open and allure your magical taste buds.

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse, renew and recharge ourselves after the Winter in preparation for the activity of the coming months so come and enjoy a week end living in Beauty and simplicity. Explore the healing potential of Flower and Vibrational Essences, Labyrinths, Sound and creative self expression . The weekend will include spending time on the Land, a Labyrinth walk , a sound bath, Sacred play using various forms of divination accompanied with delicious vegetarian food, the warmth and glow of the log fire and relaxed social time to drink tea and eat cake . Throughout the weekend we will be creatively journaling alongside using Flower Essences to help keep us in flow . We will work both inside and outside (weather permitting). The Barn provides a warm comfortable, nourishing group space with a log fire and kitchen area . Helen as a child has had magic in her fingers with plants and the land, she is a trained in Ayurveda healing therapies, herbalism, Yoga and channels images and messages of flower essences, sound and mantra is her love, Deep in her heart is the spiritual connection with her homeland. www.northernapproach.co.uk Linda King - has a lifetimes experience of creative facilitation, working as a therapist , healer and visual artist. She has been working with Labyrinths for over a decade and recently continued developing her skill box by training in Vibrational and Flower Essences .  For further information contact me linda@lindaking.org.uk  for bookings please go to www.northernapproach.co.uk  - Calender Cost Early bird discount £165 before February 1st. Full Price £190 after October 1st. Price includes full board, a personalised journal and essence to take away with you. Places are limited so early booking is recommended.

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Phoenix Firewalking Weekend Celebration
May 10 -12th 2019 at Fell Edge Barn

Celebrate this ancient ritual of transformation, empowerment and renewal in the splendor of Addingham Moorside.
Connecting to our Truth, Joy, Strength & Passion.
Firewalking is medicine, a prayer in action, transfomation, realisation and a powerful igniter of dreams, we rise from the ashes of all we surrender to the fire and we open our newly emerged wings and soar. Come open your wings, come together in union with the sacred element of fire and dance the healing coals of transformation in bliss and grace.
A Weekend to come together in the spirit of celebration, renewal and union.
Honouring our sacred connection with life, as we create, move and walk the fire.
Led by -
Fiona Morgan (Sundoor certified Master Firewalk Instructor)
Linda King (Healing Arts)
Emma Leaf (Infinite Yoga)
 We will weave joy, gentleness, creativity, strength, empowerment, grace and compassion into this weekend.
The ancient art of firewalking is a sacred gift that has been practiced around the world for thousands of years.
When we make a fire sacred, with our intentions infused into the bones of the fire, we create the possibility for profound personal purification and transformation.
Hot coals have been walked for healing, courage, abundance, peace, initiation and much more.
 The reason this sacred practice has continued to exsist can be only due to one factor; it works.
The fire belongs to the group who build and light it, it is their prayers and intentions that give the sacredness to their fire and the potential for miracles to unfold, and it is only when your heart calls you to the coals that you walk. With focuss and awareness, you become a prayer in action. Simply divine, empowering, liberating and profoundly effective.
Price details and early bird offers to follow shortly.

Past Events in 2018

Come and be part of an international intergenerational women’s circle gathering in the beautiful natural bounty of the Pelion peninsula in Greece and receive the deep nourishment and unique power that comes from women coming together in this way.

Spiti to Kentavron (STK, House of the Centaur), the Anilio campus, a simple Greek country house with its grounds and gardens nestled in chestnut woods in the Pilion mountains not far from the beaches of the crystal Aegean Sea is the perfect place to allow a deeper connection with the rhythms of nature and ourselves as cyclical beings. The gentle holding and openness of its seasonal community establishes an atmosphere where everybody joins in and becomes part of something bigger.

All this facilitates a safe space in which we can connect with ourselves and the particular spirit of the place.

In this basically open structured week we will be meeting in a circle each morning. We aim to connect with ourselves on our essential level of soul calling – exploring who we authentically are, how we feel called to what we can contribute to Life from our individual uniqueness.

Within the circle we will co-create a fluid programme of processes and opportunities for us all to experience ourselves both individually and as part of a collective depending on what wants to show.

We will go with the ebb and flow of our circle in tune with the spirit and rhythm of Anilio. We anticipate co-creating a Full Moon Ceremony, sharing simple meditative, relaxation and breath techniques, using sacred play as a way of accessing intuitive deeper wisdom and a variety of creative tools and techniques to embody and clarify our journeying throughout the week.

This gathering will be a rich experience for each woman and provide a space of renewal, clarification or strengthening of purpose and soul calling.

For more info  http://www.kalikalos.com/community/a/womens-week/


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The Lost Kingdom is an ongoing organic collaborative healing arts project co created by the coming together of Ruthie, Doreen and Linda.

By imagining and daring to step into the unknown, we are bringing our collective wisdom and experience to Gatehouse; to open up a space where healing, magic and creative flow can happen. A weaving together of their collective wisdom, inspiration, love of Life, the natural world and the healing arts.

The project started in Dumfries and Galloway just before the Spring Equinox when the Earth's energy was strong and rising. A powerful time for intention setting, new beginnings and rebalancing ourselves, making it an auspicious occasion to walk the Labyrinth.
We will be following the seasonal cycles, bringing rich opportunities to each gathering, and imagine the Lost Kingdom will develop a life of its own. Later in the year we will be gathering in the magnificent surrounding countryside and ancient sacred sights.

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies offer a gentle but profoundly beautiful healing modality that can help us all deal with life's day to day challenges, as well as helping us align with our soul purpose and calling. They work primarily to help re balance our emotional body, the Rescue Remedy combination being the most widely known.

I will be available for personal Flower and Vibrational Essence consultations throughout the project.

For bookings and further info please contact Doreen Storey 01557 814111

Next Lost Kingdom Gathering June 15/16 details to follow. We will be gathering outdoors for this Midsummer event.

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Spring Equinox is a time of new beginnings, ushering in a renewed sense of energy, realignment and balance.

The overview and intention of our weekend together is to recognise our inner beauty as a way of gentleness and grace, using dance meditiations, creative visualisation, free flow creativity, dynamic earth connection, artmaking and ceremony.

We will invite you to participate in simple ritual and creative practices, to harmonise with our true nature and our capacity to nourish, love and heal ourselves and others. We will draw from experiences of beauty, breath and our bodies as both receptors, containers and a bridge betweeen other realms and possibilities.

Cost £115 this includes a handmade journal, simple lunch and refreshments.

Further info, bookings and payment please contact me.







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