12/12/12 is a moment in time, signalled by many as deeply significant.

Within numerological systems 1 is the number associated with creativity and confidence and 2 is associated with co operation and balance.

So lets come together across our interlocking local networks with good intentions of Peace, Love and Creative Confidence, in cooperation and balance with each other, ourselves and our planet.

I will be at the centre of the Labyrinth in Nostell Priory Hay Meadow at 12 noon on 12. 12. 12. and I'm inviting you to tune in with me then and/or at 3pm, 6pm, 9pm and 12 midnight from your own local power spot.

That could be a stone circle, church, hill, river, your kitchen sink or bed - wherever you feel good, energised and at peace, and if you are at work then visit your spot in your imagination.