Creative Self Healing Days

Ilkley Womenspace is a place for women to be real, feel supported, safe and

encouraged. It offers space for women to develop their inherent creativity

and intuition through self expression. This raises awareness and so

empowers us to become more authentic and the best and brightest we can be.

The work during the Creative Self Healing sessions can be powerful, deep and

transformational. It is available to any woman engaged and interested in their

own creative and spiritual development.

Workshops are themed in harmony with the time of the year and moon cycles.

Crossovers between creativity, spirituality and sexuality are all

recurring themes as we take our power and celebrate who we are.

They include activities such as drawing, making, collage, and free writing

which is always firmly grounded with simple bodywork, sharing and

relaxation. No artistic ability is necessary although many artists and

complimentary health practitioners, therapists and counsellors do find this

work helpful both personally and to enhance their own practice.

Using imagery we move beyond our rational understanding, out of linear time

and space into the world of metaphor, myth and magic - the place of

story and symbolism.

Linda has worked within the Healing Arts over many years both as a professional

artist and creative facilitator and has a varied tool bag of skills. She considers

Nature and Beauty to be two of our greatest teachers and healers. Using natural

materials alongside carefully chosen resources including a wide range of art

materials, books and images all add to the richness of the experience.

The workshops offer time out from our daily life and the opportunity to

reconnect with our deep knowing and inner wisdom. Individual needs and

boundaries are always respected as well as honouring the collective process.

Participating in the day workshops allows more time for deeper and more profound

work and change. The fortnightly evening sessions enable us to

stay in flow and harmony with our inner life.