Making Vibrational Essences is an intuitive process. I never know what is going to happen when I start, it is another type of journey that feels both magical and grounded. Co creating with the Cosmos, working with the synchronicity of the moment and the grace of being alive and able to do this precious work. My decision to make an essence is prompted when my attention is drawn to a particular flower or plant, a significant moment in time, space or the seasons, when I have been working with a symbol, concerned with specific issue or intention or when I am visiting a particular place of power.

Each essence has its own story and throughout the making process I listen deeply, am as alert and mindful as possible to catch the signs and clues which will indicate the key qualities and healing potential of the essence, held within the water's memory .
I hope that by including the stories behind the creation of a couple of my essences that you may catch a sense of their depth and healing potential.

Essence Stories so far; 

Labyrinth Essence.

The Daisy Essence.  Read about its birthing here.

Hellebores Essence