I offer one to one sessions working with Flower and Vibrational Essences & Intuitive Massage.

I work intuitively using an integrative, holistic approach. My focus and particular skill area is in allowing and encouraging creative and emotional expression as a primary route to expanding consciousness, self acceptance and understanding. This is my journey too.

I draw from my rich and varied background as an artist and therapist having trained in deep tissue bodywork, humanistic psychology, counselling and art therapy alongside a life long interest in natural medicines, subtle energy work and the healing arts in general.

After having recently completed sme more training with Flower and Vibrational Essences this work has become more central to all my work inccccluding individual consultations, bodywork and Creative Healing Work.

Flower and Vibrational Essence Consultations

This is deep soul work requiring a desire and committment to your own evolutionary change .

Essences offer a pathway to long lasting change as well as day to day help to keep us emotionally balanced and centred. I use both the Bach Flower Essenecs for ongoing balancing and more recent ranges, including Crystal Herbs, Alaskan and Lightbringer Essences which work on many different energetic levels and can help us with many deep rooted beliefs and generational patterns and ways of being. I also include my own ever expanding range of essences in my consultations.
I recommend an initial committment of three sessions on a monthly basis and we can then review your progress.

If you feel ready and drawn to working with me and this wonderful way of connecting with the healing potential in creation please get in touch for an intitial free telephone conversation.

Essences also work very well alongside other forms of complimentary medicine and in no way affect the efficacy of convential treatment.

Initial 90 minute consultation £60
Follow ups £40.
Contact me for more information and bookings.

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Intuitive Massage
Trusting my hands to know where and what to do these sessions are a delight to give and receive
tuning my focusing is always on balance and healing. Clients usually leave feeling a deep sense of relaxation and at greater ease with themselves and their bodies. Recommended as a great way to look after you, maintain well being or to realign if you are feeling slightly off centre.
I work from the llkley Healing Centre and am in ongoing supervision.
60 Mins - £40. 
90  Mins - £60

"Every time we feed the soul we guarantee increase.' Clarissa Pinkola Estes.